Tuesday, 5 May 2015

18 English Words that are Pronounced Funny in Pakistan

English hamari 'mother-tongue' nahi hai. Well, this is one of the examples how English is used in Pakistan. Even though English is official language of Pakistan Government, yet most of the Pakistanis can not speak, read, listen or write English. Credit goes to literacy level. Growing percentage of literacy in Pakistan is now making Pakistanis try English, and a number of Pakistanis are actually good at it, yet there are many large number of people who have their own way of pronouncing English words.

Some of the words are pronounced so differently that it can confuse you as if the person has just invented a new English word. Here is a list of such words that are twisted, words that are pronounced so differently that they sound funny.

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  1. There is another common one
    Secretary = sectary

  2. a few more

    Officer = Afsar
    Hospital = Hasptaal
    Doctor = Daaktar
    Police = Polus
    Parliament = Parli ment


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