Saturday, 4 June 2016

This Colorful and Incredible Ice Cave is Nature's Hidden Beauty

Nature has power to turn your most stunning imaginations into a reality. And when nature shows its art, it never fails to impress the one who have a sense of beauty. These pictures, you are just going to see below, is one such example of an ice cave near Mutnovsky Volcano in Russia. It is situated in an area that is not visited much often and that is why it has its charms intact to surprise us. This half-mile cave is formed out of a glacier and hosts an underground river streams.

Photographer Denise Budkov, visited this stunning cave and took these magical photos. He says that the passage to enter this cave is too small but when you enter, it pays off because the views are just magnificent. The colorful ceiling of this cave is a result of thin ice that allows sun light to pass through it.

Budkov says that it is difficult to find such hidden yet beautiful places without a guide. Even he, being an experienced guide, didn't know about this cave before, unless he stumbled upon it one day.

Images via Amusing Planet

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