Sunday, 3 July 2016

This Book Being Taught in Colleges Teaches Hate for Other Religions

A society that does not respect the believes of others can surely never have peace at its best. Alas, we are from such society that, in order to glorify there own ideology, accuses other ideologies. It becomes even worse when such things are taught in schools and colleges. We have one such example that will convince rational people that why we are not yet a progressive society.

There is an Islamic book that is taught in numerous colleges across Peshawar and KPK. The book has a chapter where it blames all major religions except Islam. Book blames that all other religions mistreat women and woman has no respect in all other religions.

It further discuss that freedom today a woman in other countries has is basically a punishment and not freedom in true sense.

Now, this is really alarming that institutes are teaching young minds such baseless conspiracies, rather just to glorify their own ideologies they are accusing all other religions. In the time of co-existence, these books are teaching intolerance and hate for other religions.

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  1. Muhammad Yasir5 July 2016 at 15:38

    If you believe in positive and decent reasoning on the basis of logic then,here is my analysis of your post:

    Well,in my opinion your point of view does not seem sound, as the text presented in the book seems to be apparently a sort of comparative study of religions.How else could you teach a comparative study of religion?I think by comparing merits and demerits of their respective ideologies.
    Based upon your lines of reasoning,the biggest hate monger should be Dr. Zakir Naik who always argue on intentional forms on comparative analysis of other religions with Islam..
    If you are presenting what a religion preaches then how could it be termed as teachings of hatred and intolerance.
    Nowhere in this text I see any word of contempt or hatred for other religions.Text seem to present only what ideologies of other religions regarding women are.
    Based upon your reasoning,I think, West and US are spreading much much more hatred than this, as they always speak ill of status and conditions of woman in Islam and in Muslim countries and promote women like Mukhtaraan Mai and likes of her who try to exploit their plights by defaming Pakistan instead of only having been justice served to them.I mean her story should have been ended after serving full justice and compensation to her in Pakistan.
    If you talk about sexual exploitation of women in Pakistan,yes there happen such bad incidents but can anybody claim that incidents do not happen in USA or Western countries.
    Read biographies of American singers Madonna and Lady Gaga,they too had been badly sexually exploited.Many more such instances may be found there.



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